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Good CV Cover Letters Help Create A Personal Bond

22 Oct 13 - 22:28

The current job scenario calls for new and innovative ways of gaining employment. Well-qualified candidates failing to attach CV cover letters with their profiles that are customised according to the needs of an organization have nobody but themselves to blame for the wasted opportunity.

Securing a decent job is not easy in this age of cutthroat competition. The attention span of recruiters or potential employers is very short- barely some seconds. A well prepared cover letter can do wonde...
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Refrain From Paying Attention To Baseless Rumours Of Click2resume Complaints

22 Jul 13 - 07:09

Statistics reveal that a single decent job application attracts close to 200-500 applications. A busy recruiter thus scans rather than read a resume in detail. You do not have more than 10 seconds to capture good impression of your recruiter. In such dire situations, listening to misleading stories of complaints can put you out of the job hunting race even before it has started.

A resume writer has the onerous task of displaying a lot of creativity to hold the reader’s att...
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Take Help Of Click2Resume’s Resume Writing Samples To Prepare A Solid Profile

26 Jun 13 - 00:28

Securing a good job in the highly competitive environment is not easy by any stretch of imagination. Job openings are much lesser than the job seekers and it has created a situation where applicants are falling over themselves to land that one career changing job. Majority of candidates do not know how a profile can be prepared that will serve to the full extent its primary role of proactively marketing a candidate. Others commit the egregious fault of sending one resume to all the organizati...
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Petty Competitors Spread Baseless Rumours Of Click2resume Complaints

09 May 13 - 06:21

With a notoriously high unemployment rate and poor economic scenario, the task of finding a good job has become much tougher. Gaining meaningful employment was never easy but the economic slump has further compounded the dismal matters for job seekers. To add insult to injury we have petty resume writing organizations spreading baseless rumours of Click2resume complaints. Action always speaks louder than words. A legacy of writing thousands of successful resumes has made it the agency of choi...
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Click2Resume will provide a Real Boost to your Career

12 Mar 13 - 23:25

A good resume helps you in securing an interview. For a person unfamiliar with you, you are as good (or bad) as your CV. A resume and the information contained therein, help the employer form an opinion of you before they have met you face to face in an interview. False rumours of Click2resume complaints should be taken with a pinch of salt. This agency understands the value of a good resume and is wholeheartedly committed to preparing one that will make you stand out from the crowd.


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Click2Resume can Create Genuine Masterpieces for You

06 Feb 13 - 21:50

Bad economic scenario and the unemployment it generated, has meant that a decent job opening attracts at least somewhere between 100 and 1,000 resumes. It is therefore imperative for you to have someone like Click2Resume by your side. Superior CVs prepared by them invariably succeeds in stirring the interest of a potential employer and also makes you stand out as a superior candidate. Click review reveals that superior resumes prepared by this agency allow you to withstand fierce ...
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A Resume Prepared By Click2Resume Creates A Positive Impression

19 Jan 13 - 03:05

A typical resume consisting of a person’s relevant education, experience and skills along with the cover letter, is the first step in the screening process by an organization. The main purpose of a resume is to direct a hiring manger’s attention to those aspects of a person's background that are directly relevant to a particular position. Fake contemporaries of can wreak havoc to your career aspirations by including points and details that are irrelevant to the job in questio...
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Work Smart Not Unnecessarily Hard - Click2resume.Com Teaches You How

07 Jan 13 - 04:11

Have you been sending your resume for every job opening you come across?  Are you mailing every recruiter in your contact list, hoping to find the right job but are yet to hear from employers?  What could be the reason behind the delay in acquiring a job?  If you’re able to answer this question, you’re already halfway to successfully finding a good job.

You might be contacting every recruiter known to you and you might be diligently applying to every job opening mentioned in your favorite ...
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You Can Always Expect An Outstanding Resume From Click2Resume

27 Dec 12 - 02:50

In a fiercely competitive job market, an organization is constantly bombarded with hundreds of resumes every day. Faced with the onerous task of skimming though the resumes to prepare a short list, it is highly unlikely that a recruiter will spend more than 10 seconds looking at each individual resume. Such a scenario strongly warrants that you stay miles away from rip-offs, if you really wish to secure a job interview.

Scam tainted agencies, unlike Click2Resume can cause ...
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10 Dec 12 - 02:54

People will tell you that if you have a job currently, hang on to it!  No matter how much you hate your current job, you will be advised to not even think about looking for a new job right now.  And why is that?  Because times are tough, you will be told. It could be risky to look for a new job because it is becoming increasingly hard to find a new job.

We beg to disagree! At, we have made it our business to help job seekers find the right job.  You could be fresh out of c...
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