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“Those Who Sit On Spiels Seldom Hit The Bull’s Eye!” – Click2Resume

Count as to how many times you succumbed to the long sales spiels. You would realize that you were already there where “they” wanted to see you. And, you were under the impression all this while that you still have a choice of deciding or denying. Apart from the fact that you succumbed to their pressure, this is equally true that somewhere they left you influenced. This tells us that all those sales people you’ve met have chosen the correct work place for themselves. Well, let’s learn some aura building skills from them!
One can always write his own resume but where to go for creating an aura around it. And, do you really think that resumes which fail to present the aura of a person can get them any desired results? Merely showing someone as a visionary is not enough unless you exhibit traits like multi-dexterity holding different weapons almost like Indian gods. Though all of us have such traits, the point of discussion is on presenting them well. After the appropriate presentation, the resume should be able to manage change for you especially, when change is the only desired thing in your mind. It should harness your personality promising an everlasting sense of security.
It is after a lot of research as well as brain-storming that we at Click2Resume have introduced our well-knitted services that ensure to do that for you. A quick glance at one of our unique services, Resume Builder and we are sure that it will touch the right chords for you. Resume Builder is an interactive device where you feed in your details and start building the handsome most resumes instantly. If you already have a resume or need to build a resume within a short period of time, Resume Builder is the perfect choice for you. Here you can choose from a range of most acceptable resume templates, and build your resume based on the industry you belong to.
Click2Resume, in a short span of time has touched many lives for all the right reasons. Going by the present testimonials, we feel proud to have stirred the stilled water well. With our services, we at Click2Resume are surely making our way to your heart. And, our sole objective is to fill the same heart with extreme happiness, joy as well as endless world of opportunities.

As an active job seeker, Click2Resume highly recommends you to share the content that consists of what you really are. Our craftsmen will then filter your content into your consistencies, skill set, task behaviour as well as accomplishment of desired results. At the same time, one of our services named Resume Critique can get you the answers for all your discrepancies and anomalies that you are looking for.


Leaders dream big. But, is dreaming big really enough? Breathing life into your dreams and aspirations is far more important than merely dreaming big. This is where Click2Resume facilitates oxygen to your resume so that all your dreams get to see their final destination. We also know that dreams get bigger as and when they are accomplished. Your dreams will reach that size too but accomplish the present ones first!
Recruiters don’t put too many thoughts before derailing a profile if it reflects any signs of insensitivity and inability to understand the perspective of other people. Such factors show inadequacy of skilfulness in a candidate. Every recruiter is in search of those who have the ability to see what is going on. This is the reason why candidates with high self observation have higher success rate while cracking a job opportunity. The ability has more to do with looking inward and fixing things before others take a note of them. For all of us, seeing what is going on means clarity.  Seeing is having a clear understanding of what has made you the way you are; what has shaped and influenced your life.  The clearer you are about what motivates and affects your behaviour, the clearer you will be able to see what is going on with other people.

There are lot of other qualities that are equally worth valuing like being articulate, the ability to think on your feet, humour, flexibility, integrity, compelling presence, empathy.  But if you cannot see what is going on, all those qualities are for nought. Fitting into one mould is no more considered a very good quality. Rather, filling up in any shape as well as remaining transparent like water is far more worthy and is well taken.
The CEO of Click2Resume, Mr. Bhupender Mehta reverberates with one of Einstein’s beliefs,” If the facts don’t fit in the theory, change the facts. Because changing theory is next to recreating history which neither many can survive nor internalize. Similarly,” Following the same belief, facts related to your profile will also be changed as a continual process. The challenge is in putting them the way it should be. You never prepare how you feel you should. You prepare how others feel you should.
Above-mentioned factors leave a big leadership void. The real culprit behind this could be excessive use of visual media where what you see is what you believe. Knowing the fact that a utopian world never exists, each of them is looking out of “good” candidates. And the more they run after this fact, the sooner they run out of options. Such mindsets leave a few questions like who will break the myth that people being really good at their jobs is enough and who will tell them that it is not only about how far they go, it is about how far they can, if given right opportunities.

Whatever the result maybe, we all know that it is good to be on the right track but never sit there or else you will get run over. Hence, stand up for success and hit the bull’s eye.

And, pity those who’ve become the bull’s eyesore...

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